Levin Eel Trading Co Ltd is a family owned eel processing and eel export business based in Levin, Horowhenua region (lower North Island) of New Zealand.

In 1978 Mark Kuijten came from The Netherlands to take over the existing eel business in Levin. A new, bigger premise was built so the business could grow further. The business is now run by his son, Erik. The Kuijten family has a long and proud history in the eel industry, starting back in 1870 in The Netherlands.

Levin Eel Trading’s contracts fishermen to catch the eels from rivers and lakes throughout the North Island and top half of the South Island. The eels are then transported live back to the factory using purpose built trucks. Sustainability of our eel fishery is hugely important to both us and our customers. Like other fish stocks, the eel fishery is sustainably managed through the New Zealand Quota Management System. Our fisher’s nets are fitted out with escape vents for eels under 300g to remain in the water and larger eels over 4kg are returned to the water for breeding –  our eels only breed once in their lives and these larger eels can contain millions of eggs. Over half of our freshwater remain untouched which allows for prime enhancement of our eel stocks.

Our products include smoked eel fillets and our range of fresh/frozen eel: eel fillets, eel pieces and whole gutted eel. All our processed eel is manually processed to achieve a higher quality. Eels are also exported live in poly boxes throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Our smoked eel fillets are sold at our factory door and at New World stores in Levin, Otaki, Kapiti and Wellington and in Foxton at the Windmill. Our fresh & smoked eel fillets are being used at various restaurants and cafes.