All our eels are caught in the freshwaters throughout New Zealand. All our frozen products are blast frozen at -30°C before being stored at -20°C and have a shelf life of 24 months.

Live eels

Live eels

Live shortfin eels are packed in 10kg polystyrene boxes with ice and water and then sealed with added oxygen to ensure safe arrival at the international market. We currently export to China, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, United States and Belgium. Eels are graded into size and commonly exported in the grades: 300-500g, 500-1000g, 1000g+.

Frozen eels

Eel pieces/segments (skinned)

Gutted de-slimed eels. We hand-skin our eels to obtain a higher quality product. The skinned eels are diced into 5cm long pieces using custom built machinery. The eel pieces are vacuum packed into 1kg bags and in 16kg master cartons.

Eel fillets (boneless and skin-on)

Gutted de-slimed eels, filleted off the bone into either single or butterfly fillets. Packed to various pack sizes on request for both domestic and export market. Ideal for use in recipes such as Japanese Unagi, braised or steamed eel dishes.

Whole gutted eels (head and skin-on)

Gutted de-slimed eels, individually sleeved or layered in 16kg cartons. Grades commonly packed are 300-500g, 500-1000g and 1000g+.

Smoked eel fillets

Smoked eel fillets

Our smoked eel fillets are manuka hot-smoked with brown sugar brine and salt. The fillets are vacuum packed in 120-150g bags and available chilled or frozen. These bags are sold from our factory (11 Main Road South, Levin), at various New World and Pak 'N Save stores in the lower North Island, in Foxton at the Windmill, Egmont Seafoods in New Plymouth and Ocean Fisheries in Wanganui. Or can be couriered on request.